Winix Air Purifier Review

Winix air purifier

Welcome to our Winix Air Purifier review!

There are many reasons why you should consider buying an air purifier, including breathing issues that mean you need to clean up your indoor air. Indoor air has surprisingly high levels of pollution, much more than outdoor air – and this is probably why you wake up in the morning feeling you have a stuffed nose or sore throat sometimes. This is due to hidden particles in the air that count as pollutants.

If that sounds like your case, it is a good idea to get a proper air purifier – and Winix is a good place to start. Read on to find out why.

What To Expect From Winix

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA, PlasmaWave and Odor Reducing Carbon Filter

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  • True-HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants; dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • 3 Stage cleaning, removes a range of allergens: dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, odors, pet dander, mold spores and organic chemicals. CFM (Sleep / Low / Med / High / Turbo) : 35.31 / 70.63 / 91.82 / 123.60 / 240.14
  • PlasmaWave acts as a permanent filter to safely break down odor, allergens, chemical vapors and other pollutants - with no harmful ozone
  • Delivered air flow :236 CFM, decibels : 27.8 . Smart Sensor gauges the air and our Auto Mode adjusts the fan to filter the air as needed; with a sleep mode for silent night-time operation
  • No remote control . CADR rated for 360 sq. ft. Suitable for medium and large rooms; kids bedrooms, baby nurseries and offices

Within the air purifier market in the US, Winix is among the brands that have made a great impression, thanks to the air purifiers in their line of products which are impressively affordable (they mostly go for less than $200). The company also offers many other alternatives that can work for you, such as the Winix S500-2 and 5300-2.

The company is obviously dedicated to keeping prices low for customers with a low budget, while at the same time providing as much bang for their buck as possible.

Winix Air Purifier Review: Key Features

Three-stage filtration

There are three stages of filtration that feature in the device:

  • pre-filter consisting of activated carbon insert that removes larger particles, gases, and odors
  • true HEPA, a standard in the industry. The HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of pollutants, including fine ones that have sizes of 0.3 microns (as a point of reference, the human eye can only see a minimum size of 1 micron), so this includes even particles as small as bacteria, mold spores and viruses.
  • patented technology known as PlasmaWave. This will function similar to an ionizing purifier, although the company states that it will not produce ozone. The technology behind PlasmaWave is the introduction of both negative and positive ions, which make clusters of molecules that react with water in the air, and proceed to form hydroxyl radicals that destroy pollutants, leaving water vapor as the final product.

Even though there is some skepticism surrounding the technology and how it works, it has consistently shown itself to work very well. For instance, the Winix C535 filter, which features this technology, has the seal of approval from CABR, and can be used in California (which also happens to be among the strictest states when it comes to the use of air purifiers that create harmful toxins).

Regarding replacement of the filters, you need to make sure they actually fit the specific device you have. In addition, ensure you replace the HEPA filter after every three months – as an added bonus, HEPA filters are included in the purifier package, allowing you to replace for the first year of use without needing to spend extra money. As for the other filters, the instructions are also included within the packages to guide you on the time frame.

Power consumption

This is among the most common questions regarding filters, as it is an important factor to consider when purchasing one. As a general guideline, the air purifier will begin using energy more efficiently the longer you use it – and it also applies here.

Winix air purifiers tend to use greater amounts of energy compared to similar counterparts within the same price range, which is not surprising either. For instance, the Winix C535 uses 70 watts. If you are searching for an air purifier that saves more energy while still remaining efficient, though, there are other options you can search for that offer a better alternative.

Noise and coverage

The Winix filters will clean rooms of various sizes, but they are best suited to smaller and medium-size rooms. For instance, the Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier can clean spaces of up to 360 square feet.

Their air purifiers also feature different speeds, which help in the cleaning process. These include Turbo mode as well. Regardless of the speed you want to operate it in, the noise levels are impressively low. So you can even run it when you are heading to bed or when you want minimal noise levels.

Remote control (for some devices)

Certain models in the Winix line feature remote controls as well, such as the Winix C535. The good news is that the remote control system is quite simple. You can even turn on options and features that you want. That also frees you to continue using the filter without having to stand up and go over to it.

Other features

Thanks to the competition increasing in the world of low-range air purifiers, companies will include additional interesting features that will entice more people to buy their products, and Winix is such a brand.

One is the Smart Sensor, which is a necessary feature that tells you the state of the air in your indoor space. It is common in the high-end air purifiers. It can inform you about several things at a glance. Quality of the indoor air, auto mode that adjusts the speed of the fan, and so on.

The only downside is that you will need to clean the filter regularly, especially the C535. If you fail to do so, chances are that it will stop working after some time, as many consumers note.


  • High-quality build
  • High efficiency of filters
  • Affordable price
  • Ideal for people who suffer from allergies


  • You need to clean it frequently

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Winix Air Purifier Review: Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons that make Winix air purifiers a good pick for you – but key among them is the high production quality. The purifier will work well for you, especially if you suffer from allergies and need a purifier on a budget.

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