Molekule Vs IQAir

Molekule vs. IQAir

Air purifiers are one of those household items which you cannot live without once you start using them. You initially think you can function without them, but that is not really the case. They do so much for you – they clean indoor air, clearing all allergens and pollutants present, including odors, germs, and pet dander.

There are many brands in the market, though, which can make the process of looking for a purifier confusing. All of them claim to be really good at what they do, even if that isn’t necessarily true. However, there are some good brands out there, and we will compare two of them in this article – Molekule and IQAir.

Molekule Vs IQAir: Molekule Review

Molekule air purifer with Dual-Filtration System

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  • Molekule is able to completely replace the air in a 600 square foot room (large living room) once an hour. Its 360° air intake pulls in pollutants from all sides, projecting clean air evenly across the entire room.
  • Molekule comes with two filters: A Pre-Filter and a PECO-Filter. The Pre-Filter captures larger particles like dust and pet hair and slows down VOCs on their way to the PECO-Filter. The PECO-Filter is coated with our proprietary catalyst that breaks down VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.
  • Molekule's $129/year filter subscription ensures replacement filters deliver to your door when needed. Each pack contains a PECO-Filter, to be replaced every six months, and two Pre-Filters, to be replaced every three months..
  • Because of its unique technology, Molekule is extremely quiet compared to conventional air purifiers.
  • Molekule doesn't rely on big, high-powered fans, making it energy efficient without compromising its effectiveness.

If you are reading this review, you are probably familiar with traditional air purifiers and how they work – they capture solid particles and filter them out. However, the Molekule air purifier is not just for capturing these particles, it also eliminates them entirely. This includes VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and so on.

Regardless of this action, the filter still remains quiet in operation, in addition to making it easier on your end by allowing you to use its mobile companion app, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

The mechanism of operation involves pulling in air which passes through a light-activated nano filter. This filter changes any harmful pollutants into harmless substances at a molecular level. This air will then exit the system back into the surrounding room.

Operation Modes

There are three operation modes:

  • Turbo boost – has a noise level of 55dBa, same as a normal conversation. This will focus on cleaning your room at a very high speed. The air purifier will determine if and when the air needs a super-fast cleaning session, which it will base on certain factors. These include the size of the room, as well as the pets that are present in the space.
  • Silent – noise level of 30dBa, which is about the same as a whispered conversation. This is meant for maximum quietness, such as when you are sleeping or studying, yet still operates as efficiently as possible.
  • Auto – noise levels of 42dBa, similar to that of a hushed conversation.

You can adjust these modes through the touchscreen display on the purifier, or through the companion app. In addition, it also uses PECO technology, which is among the best purification technologies and can destroy pollutants that are even smaller than 0.1 nanometer, such as viruses and bacteria – something that true HEPA filters cannot do either.


  • Portable, thanks to the natural leather handle
  • Use of ground breaking technology (in the early stages)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS (filter reminder software)
  • Energy efficient
  • Very clean and aesthetic design


  • The availability is low due to demand, making it expensive

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Molekule Vs IQAir: IQAir review

IQAir [HealthPro Compact Air Purifier] Medical-Grade Air [HyperHEPA Filter]- Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Pollen, Dust; Swiss Made

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  • Excellent choice for asthma & allergies
  • Proven medical-grade air filtration: 100x more effective than HEPA air purifiers
  • Only IQAir's exclusive HyperHEPA filters stop ultrafine particles (down to 0.003 microns)
  • Stops the smallest particles that exist: 10x smaller than a virus
  • Powerful filtration: covers a room size up to 1,238 sq ft (115 sq m)

This is another of the highly recommended purifiers in the market – and their products are consistently high quality, thanks to the company’s experience in making purifiers for more than five decades. Coming in several sub-brands such as the HyperHEPA filter, it gives you an excellent place to start, especially with high-end purifiers. You might need a guide to help in choosing the right option, though, such as what we will discuss below.

The brand itself only relies on their two air purifiers, the IQAir GC MultiGas, for gaseous pollutants, and the IQAir Pro Plus – all coming in at a high price, which is bad news if you happen to be on a tight budget.

The design is also quite impressive, as it uses both a smart approach and a simple design to its advantage. For instance, the HealthPro Plus has a 28-inch purifier design with curves at the bottom, which makes it more compact. This was a major advantage, since air purifiers started to become too big and feel too bulky for regular use.

The body is also comprised of stainless steel material, as well as an optional set of four wheels. Every part here is Swiss made, ensuring excellent durability levels. The main point here is the 3D Ultra Seal technology, which will stop air from escaping before the purification process is complete.

The filtration system does not emit ions or ozone, so it is a safe bet if you have pets in your home as well.

Some models will also interestingly feature a big intake air vent at the bottom section, also termed as EvenFlow Diffuser Technology. This makes the air distribute evenly throughout all directions, as the system purifies it quietly.


The filters are in four ranges:

  • PreMax filter – removes many of the larger airborne particles, and protects the other filters.
  • Activated carbon – removes the gaseous pollutants, such as odors, harmful chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Pellet chemisorption – this is an addition to the activated carbon, and will destroy any remaining chemicals, such as formaldehyde
  • HyperHEPA filter – is a true HEPA filter. It filters out both ultra-fine and fine particles, which include viruses and bacteria.


  • The performance ratings are excellent
  • The purifiers are well-built and have the highest quality materials
  • They can cover rooms of very large sizes
  • Very good fan power and use of cleaning technology
  • Impressively quiet working mechanism
  • Low consumption of power


  • Tends to be in the high-end range in its pricing

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Molekule Vs IQAir: Final Thoughts

Both of these air purifiers are great at what they do, but there needs to be a clear winner. According to this review, the IQAir is the best pick due to its versatility and low energy consumption. As long as you are willing to look past the price range, they will help you clean up your air and bring better quality breathable air.

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