How Effective Are Air Purifiers?

How Effective Are Air Purifiers

How effective are air purifiers? It’s not an uncommon question.

If you are thinking of getting an air purifier as an investment, it can be quite tricky. It can be hard to be sure whether these products are just hyped or whether they will actually help you get better air quality in your home. After all, when you go to buy an air purifier, you’ll hear some pretty fantastic claims. Manufacturers will all promise great results. But how effective are air purifiers, really? And how can you be certain?

This raises many questions on the efficiencies of air purifiers, as many people wonder whether it makes sense to invest in them. They are not the worst decision you can ever make. But there are a number of factors you need to think about before buying something that works for you. In this article, we will answer that question.

How Effective Are Air Purifiers?

This is among the most common questions people ask. So if you are thinking about it, you are not alone.

Are air purifiers effective at all?

The short answer to the question is yes. They are very good at their job: cleaning the air within your indoor space. After all, they are meant to attract, entrap, and gather any contaminants that are present in the air of your home, living space, office and so on.

The mode they use to function is rather simple, and is not very hard to understand. They will accomplish their job using one of these methods:

  • Through an internal filtration system, which will cycle air and remove impurities that are present
  • Generating charged particles into the air, which will then kill or latch on to the pollutants

An instance is HEPA filters, which trap particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. These include mold spores, bacteria, dust, and dander, as well as some much more.

This also means that air purifiers are also good news if you happen to struggle with common health problems, such as common colds and the flu. They make indoor air much easier to breathe. It will help the fight against allergic reactions such as asthma, because they will remove many of the triggers. This also makes them a long-term cost-effective solution, without forcing you to resort to buying expensive medication.

Are Purifiers Even Good For You?

The answer here is a resounding yes.

They remove the pollutants that are common in indoor air – including mold, bacteria, pollen, dust, allergens, smoke, dander, and chemical gases. So they will be good news for your health in the long term.

You will also notice the benefits quickly, especially if you happen to struggle from the effects of respiratory system conditions such as asthma. The air is cleaner to a large extent, and healthier for you. It will not just be beneficial if you have a respiratory system condition though; purifiers are good for everyone, even if you are healthy.

Keep in mind that the long term effects of inhaling clean, fresh air will start to show up as you continue to run the machine for longer periods. For instance, if you install it in your bedroom, you might begin to notice you are sleeping better because there are no pollutants that are forcing you to wake up in the middle of the night.

Are They Necessary To Have In The Home?

Not really, as the choice is entirely up to you. However, the benefits they offer are much more than you might realize.

Various studies show the quality of indoor air is quite poor. Estimates show it can be up to five times worse compared to outside air. Why is this the case, you might ask? Well, the indoor environment has many more pollutants than outside, believe it or not. Some of the extra pollution sources can include building materials, cleaning supplies, paint, dust mites, smoke, cooking particles, and pets.

In addition, the building of homes today requires the barrier between the inside and outside to be tightly sealed, so the polluted air has nowhere else to escape to. So it continues to circulate around your home.

When you install a purifier, the toxins that are continuously circulating will decrease significantly, and you will find yourself breathing easier. They will also remain at lower levels, as long as you keep the filters clean and run the air purifier at all times.

Best Types Of Air Purifiers To Buy


These are the most effective ones you can get. These and HEPA filters are similar, but these lack the traditional air filter. Instead, they use electric charges that trap the pollutants. The charged particles eventually stick to the sides, and let the pure air pass through.

Their compact size allows them to be a great solution for smaller rooms, and also cheaper in terms of replacements.


They can filter out almost anything from bacteria, viruses and chemicals, which make your living environment safer and your air cleaner. And it accomplishes all these things without relying on harsh chemicals or releasing harmful by-products.

However, the downside is that they cannot eliminate gases. This means that you need activated carbon installation addition if you want to deal with odors in the home.

Activated carbon

If you are extremely sensitive to poor air quality, these filters can help you immensely. This includes the elderly, children, and people with respiratory conditions, as they do not use harmful methods in dealing with pollutants. However, take note that they are not particularly effective when dealing with particulate matter, which is where other filters such as HEPA come in.


These release electrons, and these electrons will ionize air molecules. They eventually attract the positively charged particles such as dust. The particles become too heavy to continue being airborne, forcing them to fall to the ground, or remain inside the filter until you clean it.

Even though this sounds like the most amazing solution, it is also not the most ideal. One of the major problems they have is their tendency to mask smells.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably see from the article, air purifiers come in different types. So effectiveness will depend on the pollutants in your home and what you want to accomplish. But they can be very effective if you choose the correct one for your circumstances.

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